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Opposing Government Mandates

Government mandates are a serious subject and one that brings out strong emotions on both sides of the debate.  While most people’s intentions are good, government mandates often produce sharp disagreements and tend to divide people not unite them.  


Rather than mandate, I am a strong believer in educating and discussing the issues that are important to the community and ultimately letting people make their own decisions within the law.

Keeping our Communities Safe

Public Safety is the cornerstone of local government.  If elected, I will work with law enforcement to make sure that they have the tools, resources, and policies in place to keep Kent County residents and businesses safe.  No government function is more important than the safety of its citizens.


When our residents feel safe either at home or living their daily lives, our communities thrive, our businesses prosper, and our residents are free to fulfill their dreams and aspirations without fear. 

Protecting Local Control

The best government is the government that is closest to the people.  Local government is the most accountable and allows for citizens to have the strongest voice.  Federal and state government are often distant and all too ready to make mandates that impact our lives.  We need less mandates from government and more freedom at every level of government.  I will fight against needless state and federal mandates and bring decision making back to the local level.

Lower Taxes

We should always be looking to deliver better services in a more efficient way and reducing the tax burden on hard working families.  If the latest rash of inflation has taught us anything it is that we should be striving to lower the financial burden that government asks of its citizens.  

Kent County is no different.  As your commissioner, I will always be looking for efficiencies and ways to be frugal with the hard earned dollars that you send to the county every year.  When we achieve those efficiencies, the taxpayers should benefit FIRST!

Eliminating Government Waste

It has been said that the least efficient form of spending is when government uses taxpayer dollars to buy goods and services for other people.  Even governments made up of good people with good intentions can spend dollars inefficiently.  Programs need constant oversight and review to ensure good use of your hard earned tax dollars.  I am committed to making sure that we root out wasteful spending and reduce the burden on the hard working residents of Kent County.

Transparent and Accountable Government

Government is often thought of as a system or an entity.  WE are the government!  Elected officials answer to the people, not the other way around.  Transparency should be the rule and not the exception when it comes to how our government operates.


That starts with those elected to office.  My commitment is to be open and accessible to you.  I will keep you informed on issues important to our area and my positions on those issues.  I will establish regular meetings in the district where residents can bring their issue directly to me.  Government closest to the people is the best government.

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